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  Goodafternoon, teachers! Today, I`m very happy to make a speech here. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is ZhuRuijie. My English name is Molly. I`m 12. I come from Class1 Grade 6 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. I`m an active girl. I like playing basketball. Because I think it`s very interesting. I`d like to eat potatoes. They`re tasty. My favourite colour is green. And I like math best. It`s fun. On weekend, I like reading books in my room. I have a happy family. My father is tall and strong.My mother is hard-working and tall, too. My brother is smart. And I`m a good student. My dream is to be a teacher, because I want to help the poor children in the future. Thank you for listening! Please remember me!


  Good afternoon, teachers! I`m very happy to introduce myself here. I`m Scott. My Chinese name is SunZijing. I`m 13. I`m from Class1 Grade 6 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. I have many

  hobbies, such as playing ping-pong, playing badminton, listening to music, reading magazines and so on. My favourite food is chicken. It`s tasty and yummy. So I`m very strong. I`m a naughty boy. I

  always play tricks. And I just like staying in my room and reading books. But I have a dream, I want to be a car-designer. Because I`m a car fan.This is me. Please remember SunZijing! Thank you very much!


  Good afternoon, teachers! My name is YangXiaodan. I`m 11 now. I`m from Class2 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. My English teacher is Miss Sun. She`s quiet and kind. She`s short and young. My good friend is ZhangBingbing. She`s 12. She`s tall and pretty. We`re in the same class. We both like English very much. I like painting , listening to music, playing computer games and

  reading books. My favourite food is chicken. It`s tasty and yummy. I often do my homework and read books on Saturdays. This is me. Please remember YangXiaodan. Thank you very much!


  Gooda fternoon, teachers! My name is XuLulu. I`m 11. I come from Class1 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. There are 4 people in my family. My father is tall. My mother is pretty.My sister

  has a long hair. And I`m a good student. However, my home is near the school, I often get up early. Because I must work hard. after

  school, I like playing computer games and reading books. I`d like to eat apples. They are sweet and healthy. And I like Tuesday best. We have English, music, computer and P.E. on Tuesdays. My math teacher is Miss Huang. Her class is so much fun. So my favourite class is math. And I like Chinese and English, too. This is me. An active girl. Please remember XuLulu. Thank you very much!

  Hello, my name is_______. I am_______ years old. Now I am studying in_______Primary School. I am in Grade _______, Class_______. I live in_______. There are _______ members in my family—father, mother and me. My father is a_______ but my mother is working in _______. I

  love both of them.

  In my spare time, I like _______, and my favorite colour is_______. Also I

  love__________very much, such as ________________.

  I hope I can learn English well, because I think it very important.

  But_______ is favorite subject, because it is very interesting.

  I wish I can become a_______in the future.


  Hi ,Good morning, boys and girls.

  Nice to meet you, here. My name is ……… I am from Tai Ping town ,Hui Longsi primary school. I am in Grade Four. I am ten now.

  Today I will talk about the “clothes” .I know many kinds of clothes. Such as: coat , sweater, dress, shirt, skirt. Shoes. As a child, I like clothes very much.. mother often buys clothes for me. I like white .and I study hard at school.

  Today I am wearing school clothes and white shoes. It fits for me. I like it .

  Ok. That is all. Thank you ! Goodbye


  1 Hello,everybody.大家好

  My name's( ).我的名字叫( )

  I'm in Class( )Grade six of( )school.我在( )学校6年级()班级 I'm tall(short).I'm ( )centimeters.我很高(矮),我()厘米。 I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语

  Beacuse English is interesting.因为英语很有趣。

  So my English is very good.所以,我的英语很好。

  I acquire many award.我获得过很多奖项。

  I hope that every of you will love me。希望大家能喜欢我。

  2Hi, boys and girls, good morning, it is my plearsure to take this change to introduce myself, my name is ***, i am 10 years old. About my family, there are 4 people in my family, father, mother, brother and me, my father and mother are all very kind, welcome you to visit my family if you have time!


  I am a very outgoing girl(boy), I like reading、playing games and listening to music, of course, I also like to make friends with all the people in the school, I hope I will be your best friends in the sckooe life.


  3hello, everyone, it's my honor to stand here introducing myself.

  大家好, 很高兴有机会在这里介绍我自己。

  My name is xxx, from Class 2, Grade six,xxxx Primary School.


  I'm doing well in my study, besides I'm the monitor of my class and I get on well with my classmates.


  I'm a happy and talented girl. I'm good at drawing and many of my drawings have won prizes. At the same time, I like telling stories.


  I'm interested in learning English very much, and I believe that I will do well in future. I won't let you down!

  我很喜欢学习英语,我相信我会表现的出色,我不会让大家失望的。 Thanks for your listening.




  My name is Pat and I'm from Taiwan. Right now, I'm a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school. because I'm eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. It's my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.



  Hello, everyone. My name is ***(你的名字),

  I'm *(你的年纪) years old. I study in ***(你的学校名) Primary School. I'm in Grade*(你的年级) Class*(你的班级). I like football and English very much, and i often play football with my classmates after school .My English teacher is ***(你英语老师的名字),she/he(女的选she,男的选he) is very nice to us, I like her/him(女的选her,男的选him) a lot.

  There are three members in my family: my father, my mother and I. Both of parents love me and I love them too. That's all, thank you!


  hello everyone 大家好~

  My name is ( ) 我叫某某某

  I m ( ) years old 我几岁了

  I m a student of class( ) and grade( ) 我是几年级几班的学生 I have many interests 我有很多爱好

  I like (drawing)(singing)and(……)我喜欢画画 唱歌 …

  I want to be a (teacher)(doctor)(……) 我希望做一名…老师 医生…… I like to make friends with everyone 我喜欢和大家做朋友

  thanks very much 非常感谢


  Hello, everybody. 大家好

  My name's( ).我的名字叫( )

  I'm in Class(),Grade six of( )school.我在( )学校6年级( )班级 I'm tall(short).I'm ( )centimeters.我很高(矮),我( )厘米。 I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语

  Because English is interesting.因为英语很有趣。

  So my English is very good.所以,我的英语很好.

  I acquire many award.我获得过很多奖项。

  I hope that every of you will love me。希望大家能喜欢我。